Falling Down The Arch

The distribution Arch Linux is mostly associated with anime folks ricing their minimal desktop with anime wallpaper and posting it on 4chan.

After talking negative about Arch on an anime channel on IRC, this was proved true. The channel became more active than the offical IRC channel.

Takes time reading on the wiki to get the basic system up and running, but after that it’s mostly small tweaks and packages to install.

Offical repository is simple the use, the horrors start with AUR. Downloading packed files, solving dependencies, compiling, dependencies not met, just fantastic to work with to say the least. I starting using yaourt to simplify things, but to be scared by “edit build stuff, edit install stuff” questions.

Font rendering is quite awful stock, so I had to install Infinality to make it less eye hurting.

But all that aside, Arch Linux with Gnome-Shell is the most stable Gnome 3 distro you will ever get, probably because Gnome 3.8.4 is end of release.

After day 1, I would say that Arch is a wiki distro with a kind of third party packages support that makes you scared. You don’t need a  horror movie, you just fire up AUR and see how the system breaks.

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