Double power nap and spaghetti

Last night I went to bed at 21:00 and woke up at 00:00, then I watched Anime and went to bed again at 03:00.

Was hell getting up this morning, had to put my alarm on +15. People say “winter is coming”, we Norwegians say “The sun is going away and never coming back”.

At work I had my t-shirt on which said “dedicated student”, some guy at work asked me “Oh your a student” in a funny way. I responded “Yeah, I’m always a student, too-tight-t-shirt-guy or even Addias when I really need to wash clothes. I had to handle computer problems that probably would require an exorcist. I am also testing out Pomdoro, a technique to get work done. I have failed.

My after-work diet was composed of chocolate cookies and Youtube for an hour.

A friend was in dire need, so I had to become Master Chef and make “six star”(Yeah thats right, SIX stars) spagetti dish, I was then forced to watch K-POP teaser video compilation, which I yet have recovered from.

More adventures awaits.

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