A note on Ubuntu 14.04

I have used Ubuntu for quite some time now. For me it has been to goto distro for laptops because of the large community. If you need something or have a problem, chances are high that the answer you seek is in between the first five Google search results.

It just fucking works, every time =  Stay productive

My first experience with Ubuntu 14.04 is that everything worked on my new Vaio Pro 13. Unity has been polished with smoother animations and performance fixes, it even now detects correct refresh-rate on Nvidia graphics cards running proprietary drivers. Everything else is boring since there isn’t much new, sure we got updated packages and we can have a menu on the window decorator but it isn’t really exciting.

The thing you always stare at is the desktop interface, not directly but everything you do on the computer is displayed with it’s divine grace. So if the experience is inconsistent and laggy it starts bothering you and it feels like you are painting rust with the cursor. Give me vertical tearing and I will find you and kill you.

People may not like Unity, but multi-monitor Gnome can go and fuck itself.

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