Gnome-Shell and Intel HD Graphics SNA is shit

SNA is Sandybridge’s New Acceleration which came after UXA and is meant to increase performance.

But SNA has problems with performance drops when doing VSYNC on some hardware, atleast on my HD4400. Is this in games?.. well no. The performance drop is in Gnome-Shell itself, with stuttering and lag on certain animations.

Here is the fix, change back to UXA on xorg.conf and wait for upstream to do something. Either that or live with vertical tearing, and I know you are not that sadistic.


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  1. YES.
    I recorded a video and it’s on YT showing that lag/stuttering.
    Can you try this?
    Alt+F2 and “r”
    And then, check if you have the lag.
    I do this, the lag disappears, and about… 30s later, it’s there again.

    1. Sry man this was ages ago. Thou it seems to have the same problem with my old Vaio 13 on Debian 8. Maybe Wayland will save us?

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