Plex Web Interface Stopped Responding

Plex Server on my Ubuntu 14.04 went totally apeshit one day and would not load the web interface. Why?, I did not update the VM, it was silently just hammering along day by day.

Debian fucking stable here we go

Spooling up a new VM and installing Plex and mounting samba took 10 minutes, my copy pasta keyboard skills were so epic that a full size orchestra could not keep up.

Phew, Plex does want to show me the web interface. Brilliant, now let’s just log into my account..


And then it exploded, some strange update in Plex got the webinterface to hang when connecting the Plex server to a Plex user account. Fuck it I’ll let it be in “non-botnet-mode” for a while, can still watch my stuffs anyways.

On a positive note the ffmpeg package in deb-multimedia is more stable than Ubuntu’s.



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