Upgraded to Ubuntu 19.04 and lost Lenovo trackpoint and touchpad

There seems to be a problem with the kernel on 19.04.After upgrading from Ubuntu 18.10 to 19.04 on my Lenovo Thinkpad L580 and lost both Trackpoint and the Touchpad. Only external mice worked. Checking xinput shows that its not even there: Some guy had similar problems and ran this command to get the elantech driver […]

A Week in the Life Of a System Administrator

The website that hosted this story seems to not work any more so I managed to find a copy. Posting this for archival purposes. July 2002 Update : It has been suggested that this article is an adaptation of a series of (very funny!) pieces entitled the Bastard Operator from Hell, by Simon Travaglia. We’re […]

Mac Samba Share Filenames Mangled / Obfuscated

To fix this you need at least Samba 4.3, they did some cool stuff in vfs_fruit. Then you add this in your share in the samba config.

Now folders and filenames should look normal, and large folders should open up faster.

Getting output from SSH commands in Ruby

I usually do SSH in to servers to check if things are okay with raid and shit. But now I’m going hardcore, with Ruby. First add NOPASSWD to sudoers to get what commands you want working without password in sudo, with “sudo visudo” You can probably skip passwords with ssh-copy-id.

This code SSH’s into the […]

Bache Gabrielsen X.O. Fine Champagne Review

The Legendary Bache Gabrielsen X.O. Fine Champagne is up for review. Simple flavours and easy drinking is the game for Bache Gabrielsen, It’s okay, but not great, plz just get a Braastad X.O instead. It does not have that wonderfull oak’y sweet vanilla flavor that any the really good cognac needs. But it’s easy to drink.

Butt simple Proxmox NFS setup for backups

In this butt simple tutorial you have 1 Proxmox server and 1 backup server. Install NFS  and make backup folders on your backup server. Do not call the datastore folder “backup”, that name under /var is still reserved.

  Add those new folders to exports and the IP adresse of the Proxmox server. But […]