Double power nap and spaghetti

Last night I went to bed at 21:00 and woke up at 00:00, then I watched Anime and went to bed again at 03:00.

Was hell getting up this morning, had to put my alarm on +15. People say “winter is coming”, we Norwegians say “The sun is going away and never coming back”.

At work I had my t-shirt on which said “dedicated student”, some guy at work asked me “Oh your a student” in a funny way. I responded “Yeah, I’m always a student, too-tight-t-shirt-guy or even Addias when I really need to wash clothes. I had to handle computer problems that probably would require an exorcist. I am also testing out Pomdoro, a technique to get work done. I have failed.

My after-work diet was composed of chocolate cookies and Youtube for an hour.

A friend was in dire need, so I had to become Master Chef and make “six star”(Yeah thats right, SIX stars) spagetti dish, I was then forced to watch K-POP teaser video compilation, which I yet have recovered from.

More adventures awaits.

Vaping 2.0: USB

I’m a smoker, and smoking is expensive, and I’m also a student.
So that is why I changed to Electronic Cigarettes.
Vaping on USB, god damn awsome!

How to handle caffeine overdose

You drank too much coffee and start to feel bad?

First you have to drink water, stop now and get a huge glass of water and come back.
Drink it all.
Now you have suprised your liver, it most likely haven’t felt the sensation of huge amounts of pure water in 2-3 years.
In 30min/1hour you will pee, nearly all the water out again.
Now drink more water and repeat.

In 1-2 Hours you will feel normal again.

Replace coffee with Tea.

Your welcome.

How To Handle Linux Bashing

When people from the Windows or BSD world start bashing on Linux just laugh,  it’s like arguing with a monkey, they scream and throw poo around, who wouldn’t laugh at that?

Kernel Releases

After reading the feature list of a new kernel release you are so astounded and shocked by the sheer magnitude of performance and features that it would make any proprietary user utterly braindead.

Finally ordered a tablet: Ainol Novo 10 Hero II

Well after some time I decided to order a tablet, my first one.. well maybe not the first one.
My first one was an ancient Fujitsu Lifebook T with an old Pentium M and some GMA8xx internal graphics.


The tablet I ordered was a Ainol Novo 10 Hero II, after many positve reviews and a dude shouting he could watch movies for 12 hours it was then decided.

Will give the world a proper review, because most of them suck.

“Special Price: $169.90”