Ubuntu 13.10’s Compiz does not detect correct refresh rate, defaults to 50hz, resets after logout, wtf?

Unity is a Compiz plugin, and when Compiz cannot detect the refresh rate it defaults to 50hz. This normaly happens on my Nvidia proprietary drivers. Why the hell would they default to 50hz? Who decided that 50hz would be a smart fallback? Is Ubuntu’s main consumer PAL TV Stations? But still, I have had this problem for […]

How to not behave on a Linux Mint IRC Channel


Gnome Files 3.10 header bar disappear when maximized.

I just encountered a quite hefty bug in Files/Nautilus 3.10 on Arch Linux. When running a dual monitor setup, and you maximize Files on the display that does not have the Gnome-Shell top bar , the Files “header bar” will disappear when dragging the maximized window down, and will not ever come back. Some people […]

What is the Wine D3D command streamer? – Simple edition

Wine has long had a problem with bug 11674 – “Dual-core unsupported in WoW and SC2”. Not only World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 has this bug, but a lot of other games. By only being able to use one thread for rendering (correct me if I’m wrong, yeah you heard me), most games run […]

Ubuntu 13.04 Phased Updates: Users not getting updates

With the enablement of the new Phased Updates, only 10% of the users get updates. Updates pushed out to 10% of users If errors reported the update process is stopped If no errors reported, another 10% get updates Repeat What really happens: Update pushed out to 10% of users Errors reported Patched update pushed out […]