Ubuntu 14.10: You will probably just stick with LTS

After trying out the 14.10 Final Beta I came you realize that this release will probably be the most boring Ubuntu release in several years.

It is so boring that even the wallpaper remains the same.

The Unity desktop environment gets some patches, they bump the package versions in the repos and dump in a newer kernel. Even most of the Gnome stack remains on 3.10 (who knows there might be 3.8 packages still floating around).
Ubuntu Gnome gets 3.12, one release behind upstream as usual and Kubuntu bumps KDE to 4.14 and separates Plasma 5 to a technical preview release.

The only reason for installing 14.10 is if you need drivers for your super new laptop. My tip is that you stay with 14.04 LTS and use PPA’s for the apps you absolutely need newer versions of.

It kinda seems like the entire workforce is focused on patching Ubuntu Phone RTM, and that’s okay.. but only if Meizu manages to deliver the MX 4 Ubuntu Phone.

Books I want to read but does not exist:

Coding Drunk
You should try this atleast once.

Internet Stone Face

Let me tell you about Internet Stone Face.
You are chatting, something funny is written and you reply “Haha” or “lol”. But you don’t smile with your face, there is no syllable of emotions on your face. This can happen during normal conversations. If it does seek help.


Multitouch Synaptics is Getting Good

As of now, every distro I have tried with the xf86-input-synaptics driver has been not so good. Usually the middle click function does not work properly. And in every case I have had to download the code from upstream to get that bug rectified. And yes upstream is fantastic stuff, really rock solid. And yes, Arch even has a bugged version, so you most likely have to install the git version from AUR if you are having problems with multitouch.

Now we only need a good GUI configuration utility so we can tweak it to death and start sharing configs.

Hey, let’s pull this version and freeze it without testing anything – LOLbuntu and friends.

Gnome-Shell and Intel HD Graphics SNA is shit

SNA is Sandybridge’s New Acceleration which came after UXA and is meant to increase performance.

But SNA has problems with performance drops when doing VSYNC on some hardware, atleast on my HD4400. Is this in games?.. well no. The performance drop is in Gnome-Shell itself, with stuttering and lag on certain animations.

Here is the fix, change back to UXA on xorg.conf and wait for upstream to do something. Either that or live with vertical tearing, and I know you are not that sadistic.


Every Linux Distro Needs infinality

infinality is a set of Freetype patches that really makes fonts look astonishing and is available on most distributions. Why on earth distributions don’t use it as default it really strange, since default font rendering is utter shit most of the time. A distribution with the infinality patches renders fonts better than OS X and Windows, bar none can compete. Why can’t they commit upstream? Does shitty fonts break?

I really have no idea

Screenshot from 2014-05-01 20:58:16
Snippet from Wikipeida on Firefox 29, stock infinality

More info @ infinality.net/blog/