Every Linux Distro Needs infinality

infinality is a set of Freetype patches that really makes fonts look astonishing and is available on most distributions. Why on earth distributions don’t use it as default it really strange, since default font rendering is utter shit most of the time. A distribution with the infinality patches renders fonts better than OS X and Windows, bar none can compete. Why can’t they commit upstream? Does shitty fonts break?

I really have no idea

Screenshot from 2014-05-01 20:58:16
Snippet from Wikipeida on Firefox 29, stock infinality

More info @ infinality.net/blog/

A note on Ubuntu 14.04

I have used Ubuntu for quite some time now. For me it has been to goto distro for laptops because of the large community. If you need something or have a problem, chances are high that the answer you seek is in between the first five Google search results.

It just fucking works, every time =  Stay productive

My first experience with Ubuntu 14.04 is that everything worked on my new Vaio Pro 13. Unity has been polished with smoother animations and performance fixes, it even now detects correct refresh-rate on Nvidia graphics cards running proprietary drivers. Everything else is boring since there isn’t much new, sure we got updated packages and we can have a menu on the window decorator but it isn’t really exciting.

The thing you always stare at is the desktop interface, not directly but everything you do on the computer is displayed with it’s divine grace. So if the experience is inconsistent and laggy it starts bothering you and it feels like you are painting rust with the cursor. Give me vertical tearing and I will find you and kill you.

People may not like Unity, but multi-monitor Gnome can go and fuck itself.

JDS Labs Objective2+ODAC COMBO Review


First of, what the heck is the Objective2 amplifier?

Well it has a nice story to it, so complex and large I really have no idea what happened. But I think there were some trolling and flame wars on some audiophile forums, shouting about expensive coloring tube amps and about their design flaws and generally that most expensive headphone amps sucks. Then that guy got banned or something. (Could be totally wrong). Armed with only brains, a blog and hefty measurement equipment he went on a quest to create an open designed affordable headphone amplifier to prove the cocky audiophiles wrong.

You can read more on nwavguy’s blog here: http://nwavguy.blogspot.no/2011/07/o2-headphone-amp.html

He also created an USB DAC with go with it, so I purchased the O2+DAC combo, same stuff but with the DAC inside the chassie.

General Use

It feels quite sturdy with its aluminum chassis. Everything is on the front except the USB which is in the back. You can also plug in analog source in the front, that will disable the DAC.  It works without drivers on any OS that supports USB sound. I don’t really like that the power plug is on the front and the gain button is physically strange. It is very small and I really really like that.

Sound Quality

I only have the AKG K450’s to test with right now, won’t get the new headphones until next week.
The sound has control and you start noticing things you haven’t heard before.
It feels very neutral compared to the abominations I have connected my K450’s to.
Also it has a very black background, there is absolutely no background noise.
Overall I really like the sound.

I can’t really say much more, I like it. If the power adapter gets ruined I can purchase a new one off-the-shelf. If some parts gets loose I can purchase those also, open designs has some perks.

Is this the best headphone amp under 1000$?
I have no idea, but everyone else says so.

Should you get it?
If you are going to purchase an expensive headphone for the first time, this is the amp I think you should buy.

Domini Veneti ‘Vigneti di Torbe’ Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore 2011

Not so bitter and has a fresh aftertaste, gets better when you eat chocolate. For the price its quite nice, will recommend it to other people. Also you can drink it by itself. This one kinda forces me to find a cheap Amarone Classico.


KDE 4.11 Vsync Testing


Kwin is butter smooth, much better than Unity and Gnome. Watching movies fullscreen on the secondary monitor on VLC does not give you strange overlay bugs or tearing. Able to maintain vsync over triple head setup. It also opens the game on the main monitor, where Compiz decided to open randomly on left and center display.


To maintain Vsync after login I have to change between opengl 2.0 and 3.1 to get it working again (On Nvidia 3.19). 3.1 seems to have the best performance on the Nvidia driver.


Online account integration with different services.

KDE 4.11 Tearing tests

Minecraft None
Portal None
Dota 2 None
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs None
VLC None
Triple Monitor Setup None

Movie Review – Riddick

A sequel to The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) which came out 9 years ago?.. I’m starting to get too old for this.

This movie takes a lot from the first one Pitch Black (2000) including the music, and only have a hint of the story from The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) that is just there for info to show it’s a sequel.

The beginning is quite nice, it’s not quite Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964) but I found myself enjoying the popcorn while I waited to see what he did next.

The setting is too much like the first movie, so if you take a Riddick-evening with a lot of beer and watch everything, you will get kinda disappointed when you start watching this one. But after you see Katee Sackhoff’s boobs everything is okay.

It has shooting, dark voices, mercenaries, blood and killing. It’s not “Hey  Riddick movie!”. It’s more like “Hey I haven’t seen a Riddick movie for 9 years wonder what this one is about!”

Overall 6/10, yeah I know I’m harsh on scores, but it’s a good movie.

Release Date: January 14, 2014
Scene Date: No Blu-Ray sources as of this writing.