Ivan’s Lollipop rom for Mi 3 is getting good

Just tired out Ivan’s Android 5.0.2 Lollipop rom for the Mi 3. It’s actually good enough for daily use because he fixed the deep sleep issue which caused the phone to suddenly reboot. The only bug left seems to be that the NFC still does not work. Had some problems with the Play Store that it could not […]

LG Android Phones have a hidden service called MLT.

People on 4chan have started shouting that non-nexus LG phones have a hidden service called MLT eating about 60mb of ram and feeding LG with information. I currently have no idea how severe the issue is. Best quote about this issue: more lagdroid botnet This is some logcat output from xda-developers

Update: Ainol Novo 10 Captain Basic 20130708v1 Firmware

This is the new firmware for the Ainol Novo 10 Captain Basic. It was released 2013 07 11 and it seems to improve the performance a bit. I have used 7zip to compress it to save atleast some space. It includes the new Actions Pad Product Tool Build 1.02.04 which is REQUIRED to successfully flash the Captain […]