Mac Samba Share Filenames Mangled / Obfuscated

To fix this you need at least Samba 4.3, they did some cool stuff in vfs_fruit.

Then you add this in your share in the samba config.

Now folders and filenames should look normal, and large folders should open up faster.

Getting output from SSH commands in Ruby

I usually do SSH in to servers to check if things are okay with raid and shit.

But now I’m going hardcore, with Ruby.

First add NOPASSWD to sudoers to get what commands you want working without password in sudo, with “sudo visudo”

You can probably skip passwords with ssh-copy-id.

This code SSH’s into the server, runs the command, get the ouput, formats it into markdown and writes it to a file, then copies everything to your clipboard so you can paste it into anything you want (say like trello?)


Linux terror: Raid 6 + LVM + GRUB

Oh noes, the hardware raid does not support Raid 6. Damn, what’s the price for a new card?.. 590$ you say?

mdadm engange

The plan was to get the entire system on Raid 6 spanning 6 drives and use LVM to create / and /var/datastore.

Did you know that when you use Ubuntu, it does not tell you that it formatted the drives with GTP?
That means 1 hour googling to figure out why the fuck grub won’t install.
What you need to do is make a Bios Boot Partion of 1 MB. But.. okay.. so every drive needs

  • Bios boot partition
  • RAID Partition

And that means before you swap out your failed drive you need to setup the partitions before plugging it into the raid.
Then you setup LVM over the raid partitions.

  • vgroot
    • lvroot, ext4 /
    • lvdatastore, ext4 /var/datastore

Then you install everything, grub will install and not boot.


Then you reboot to recovery and mount it, because yeah everything is perfectly setup so you can chroot into the abomination you created!
Then you try altering grub shit, even GRUB_PRELOAD_MODULES to include LVM and raid stuffs, create a new config and install grub on every fucking drive since it’s smart and then.. you  reboot.. and it will not boot.

There, I give up, fuck you Ubuntu Server and fuck you grub.

Purchase a good hardware raid controller you twat.


Ubuntu 14.10: You will probably just stick with LTS

After trying out the 14.10 Final Beta I came you realize that this release will probably be the most boring Ubuntu release in several years.

It is so boring that even the wallpaper remains the same.

The Unity desktop environment gets some patches, they bump the package versions in the repos and dump in a newer kernel. Even most of the Gnome stack remains on 3.10 (who knows there might be 3.8 packages still floating around).
Ubuntu Gnome gets 3.12, one release behind upstream as usual and Kubuntu bumps KDE to 4.14 and separates Plasma 5 to a technical preview release.

The only reason for installing 14.10 is if you need drivers for your super new laptop. My tip is that you stay with 14.04 LTS and use PPA’s for the apps you absolutely need newer versions of.

It kinda seems like the entire workforce is focused on patching Ubuntu Phone RTM, and that’s okay.. but only if Meizu manages to deliver the MX 4 Ubuntu Phone.

Books I want to read but does not exist:

Coding Drunk
You should try this atleast once.

Multitouch Synaptics is Getting Good

As of now, every distro I have tried with the xf86-input-synaptics driver has been not so good. Usually the middle click function does not work properly. And in every case I have had to download the code from upstream to get that bug rectified. And yes upstream is fantastic stuff, really rock solid. And yes, Arch even has a bugged version, so you most likely have to install the git version from AUR if you are having problems with multitouch.

Now we only need a good GUI configuration utility so we can tweak it to death and start sharing configs.

Hey, let’s pull this version and freeze it without testing anything – LOLbuntu and friends.

Gnome-Shell and Intel HD Graphics SNA is shit

SNA is Sandybridge’s New Acceleration which came after UXA and is meant to increase performance.

But SNA has problems with performance drops when doing VSYNC on some hardware, atleast on my HD4400. Is this in games?.. well no. The performance drop is in Gnome-Shell itself, with stuttering and lag on certain animations.

Here is the fix, change back to UXA on xorg.conf and wait for upstream to do something. Either that or live with vertical tearing, and I know you are not that sadistic.


Every Linux Distro Needs infinality

infinality is a set of Freetype patches that really makes fonts look astonishing and is available on most distributions. Why on earth distributions don’t use it as default it really strange, since default font rendering is utter shit most of the time. A distribution with the infinality patches renders fonts better than OS X and Windows, bar none can compete. Why can’t they commit upstream? Does shitty fonts break?

I really have no idea

Screenshot from 2014-05-01 20:58:16
Snippet from Wikipeida on Firefox 29, stock infinality

More info @

A note on Ubuntu 14.04

I have used Ubuntu for quite some time now. For me it has been to goto distro for laptops because of the large community. If you need something or have a problem, chances are high that the answer you seek is in between the first five Google search results.

It just fucking works, every time =  Stay productive

My first experience with Ubuntu 14.04 is that everything worked on my new Vaio Pro 13. Unity has been polished with smoother animations and performance fixes, it even now detects correct refresh-rate on Nvidia graphics cards running proprietary drivers. Everything else is boring since there isn’t much new, sure we got updated packages and we can have a menu on the window decorator but it isn’t really exciting.

The thing you always stare at is the desktop interface, not directly but everything you do on the computer is displayed with it’s divine grace. So if the experience is inconsistent and laggy it starts bothering you and it feels like you are painting rust with the cursor. Give me vertical tearing and I will find you and kill you.

People may not like Unity, but multi-monitor Gnome can go and fuck itself.

What is the Wine D3D command streamer? – Simple edition

Wine has long had a problem with bug 11674 – “Dual-core unsupported in WoW and SC2”. Not only World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 has this bug, but a lot of other games.
By only being able to use one thread for rendering (correct me if I’m wrong, yeah you heard me), most games run a lot slower than on native Windows.

Stefan Dösinger from CodeWeavers commented on the bug the 8th of August:

The solution is our own worker thread / command stream, similar in nature to
Nvidia’s threaded optimizations. I am currently working on that, but it will
take a few more months to get it upstream. In the next few weeks (most likely
after I return from holidays), I plan to post a set of patches for testing on

I was quite happy when I saw this, hoping that this would fix my fantastic 20 fps problem on Guild Wars 2. Fast forward to 2nd September Stefan Dösinger posted on the wine-devel mailing list the D3D command stream patches for testing. People have already reported a major fps increase on games by using the patches on Wine 1.7.1.

A summary the different reports from the bug thread:

Witcher 1
Wine 1.7.1 = 40 FPS
Wine 1.7.1 with CSMT = 70 FPS

Witcher 2
Wine 1.7.1 = 23 FPS
Wine 1.7.1 with CSMT = 43 FPS

Deus Ex Human Revolution
Wine 1.7.1 = 72 fps (glitches)
Wine 1.7.1 with CSMT = 120 fps

Word of Warcraft
Wine 1.7.1 = 45.3 FPS
Wine 1.7.1 with CSMT = 54.4 FPS

Starcraft 2
Wine 1.7.1= 15 FPS
Wine 1.7.1 with CSMT = 53 FPS

Here are some nice screenshots I also found on the bug list that shows what happens when the patches are used.
Starcraft 2 on Wine 1.7.1

Starcraft 2 on Wine 1.7.1 with CSMT

Now you guys now the significance of those patches from CodeWeavers :)
I do not yet know when the patches will be done since there are things to iron out, but preparation work has already been included with Wine 1.7.3.

If you want to test it, the simplest way would be using PlayOnLinux, you can download the patched Wine 1.7.1-CSMT there and setting the registry key HKCU/Software/Wine/Direct3D/CSMT =”enabled” // create if it doesn’t exist

I will not promise you it will work so early on, some games failed when i tried.
Last time I tried I got I StarCraft 2 running, LSD edition.