Movie Review – Riddick

A sequel to The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) which came out 9 years ago?.. I’m starting to get too old for this.

This movie takes a lot from the first one Pitch Black (2000) including the music, and only have a hint of the story from The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) that is just there for info to show it’s a sequel.

The beginning is quite nice, it’s not quite Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964) but I found myself enjoying the popcorn while I waited to see what he did next.

The setting is too much like the first movie, so if you take a Riddick-evening with a lot of beer and watch everything, you will get kinda disappointed when you start watching this one. But after you see Katee Sackhoff’s boobs everything is okay.

It has shooting, dark voices, mercenaries, blood and killing. It’s not “Hey  Riddick movie!”. It’s more like “Hey I haven’t seen a Riddick movie for 9 years wonder what this one is about!”

Overall 6/10, yeah I know I’m harsh on scores, but it’s a good movie.

Release Date: January 14, 2014
Scene Date: No Blu-Ray sources as of this writing.

Movie Review – Insidious: Chapter 2

‘The first movie was a 7/10, and that was just because it took too long for Hollywood to create decent horror flicks again.

As always they have finally figured out a good audio track, massive dynamic range. The moment you turn on the movie you have to adjust the speakers because the voices are so damn low, when you do that you know the sound engineers really want to frighten you. It just pops at your face with loud turmoil strings making you shout while some nasty thing is attacking you at the screen.

It looks like they are also continuing using hand operated cameras that make the scenes look more alive and I like that, sometimes you get tired of the solid brick steady shots where the cinematographers are arguing for 2 hours on which type of lens they are going to use for the 10 second scene.

The story starts getting strange where they are trying to explain even more and for some reason I don’t find that scary, I want the uncertainty, I want the unknown. I want to sit there in utter shock and have just a faint idea what happened, not an unreasonable reasonable explanation .

The scares are there and most are good, but not as many as the first one, and the atmosphere feels lighter.

Overall 6/10, which means it’s still a good movie.

Fun facts :

Release Date: December 24, 2013
Scene Date: December 6, 2013
IMDB rating went up after scene release.

Why can’t they just pump it out on iTunes / Amazon / Everything else after it’s been scene released?
I get that it’s harder to push hard media releases, but on the internet its just a button to press.