Upgraded to Ubuntu 19.04 and lost Lenovo trackpoint and touchpad

There seems to be a problem with the kernel on 19.04.After upgrading from Ubuntu 18.10 to 19.04 on my Lenovo Thinkpad L580 and lost both Trackpoint and the Touchpad. Only external mice worked. Checking xinput shows that its not even there: Some guy had similar problems and ran this command to get the elantech driver […]

Butt simple Proxmox NFS setup for backups

In this butt simple tutorial you have 1 Proxmox server and 1 backup server. Install NFS  and make backup folders on your backup server. Do not call the datastore folder “backup”, that name under /var is still reserved.

  Add those new folders to exports and the IP adresse of the Proxmox server. But […]

Ubuntu 14.10: You will probably just stick with LTS

After trying out the 14.10 Final Beta I came you realize that this release will probably be the most boring Ubuntu release in several years. It is so boring that even the wallpaper remains the same. The Unity desktop environment gets some patches, they bump the package versions in the repos and dump in a […]

Ubuntu 13.10’s Compiz does not detect correct refresh rate, defaults to 50hz, resets after logout, wtf?

Unity is a Compiz plugin, and when Compiz cannot detect the refresh rate it defaults to 50hz. This normaly happens on my Nvidia proprietary drivers. Why the hell would they default to 50hz? Who decided that 50hz would be a smart fallback? Is Ubuntu’s main consumer PAL TV Stations? But still, I have had this problem for […]

Ubuntu, Eclipse, Golang, Gocode Tutorial

You want to program Golang but having a hard time working on Eclipse to get it working? Here is a simple speedorial: 1 Eclipse Install golang package: sudo apt-get install golang Download Eclipse Start Eclipse Go to Help->Install new software Add Goclipse URL: http://goclipse.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/goclipse-update-site/ Select All Availible sites and search for goclipse, select and install. Restart Eclipse […]

Ubuntu 13.04 Phased Updates: Users not getting updates

With the enablement of the new Phased Updates, only 10% of the users get updates. Updates pushed out to 10% of users If errors reported the update process is stopped If no errors reported, another 10% get updates Repeat What really happens: Update pushed out to 10% of users Errors reported Patched update pushed out […]